Astrid Noacks Atelier

Astrid Noacks Atelier

Astrid Noack’s Atelier (ANA) is an association of artists, art workers, architects, composers and local residents who since 2009 has been committed to bring new life to the old studio of Astrid Noack in Rådmandsgade at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Walking into the backyard of Rådmandsgade 34 is like entering a time warp that takes you back to a very different Copenhagen – pre-gentrification. The Danish sculptress and dedicated communist Astrid Noack (1888-1954) lived and worked here from 1936-1950 and took part in everyday life in the area. Having lived, worked and studied in Paris for many years she often had visitors from abroad giving not only the place even more vibrant life, but also making a deep impression on the Copenhagen art scene at the time.
Based on Astrid Noack’s life, thoughts, and hospitality ANA is an experimental art space that aims to embrace ‘the local’ as a vantage point to the world surrounding us, brings together neighbourhood kids with international artists and focuses on political issues in contemporary life etc. ANA strives to be an active and integrated part of the community as it is, and through the interaction with the users of the backyard wish to preserve and gently renovate the place for future generations.

ANA organizes a cross-aesthetic art program with four tracks which prioritizes artistic meetings, connections and local roots. As in previous years, the 2015 annual program contains art projects of all forms.

Informant: Astrid Noacks Atelier

Astrid Noacks Atelier

Rådmandsgade 34
2200 København N

Fri–Sun 14-17

Free entrance


'Astrid Noacks Atelier'